Doetsch EZ Lift

The Doetsch Lift Spacers are constructed from 1/4" Steel Plates and are very easy to install, NO Spring Compressor necessary!

By using the Doetsch EZ Lift, your truck Suspension will then allow a larger tire and wheel combination to give your truck a New Bold Look!. Order Doetsch EZ Lift when you are "Ready to Lift!" Compare our prices to SuperLift, Rancho, Fabtech and Explorer ProComp. We have Lifts for Chevy, Ford, Nissan and Toyota.

EZ Lift Spacers come with the necessary hardware to get the front of the truck level with the rear, installation is simple, since the Spacer mounts directly to the top of the Coil-Over Assembly. NO Dis-Assembly of the Coil-Over is required. This Safe and Easy installation keeps the factory ride stock. 

Over two years and hundred of successful installations and NO complaints with our EZ Lift product. Guaranteed To Work!

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Purchase EZ Lift -- Product below are sold in pairs.

Year/Make/Model Part # Price  
E-Z Lift 2007-UP Chevrolet Silverado 9-5641 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2007-UP Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban 9-5642 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2004-UP Ford F-150 2WD 9-5657 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2004-UP Ford F-150 4WD 9-5658 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2004-UP Ford Expedition 9-5659 $99.00
EZ Lift 2006-Up Toyota FJ Crusier 9-5443 $99.00
EZ Lift 2005-09 Dodge Dakota 2WD 9-5636 $99.00
EZ Lift 2007-08 Dodge Ram 4x4 9-5637 $99.00
EZ Lift 2009 Dodge Ram 4x4 9-5638 $99.00
EZ Lift 2009 Ford F150 2wd/4wd 9-5656 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2004-UP Nissan Titan 2WD 9-5661 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2004-UP Nissan Titan 4WD 9-5662 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2004-UP Nissan Armada 9-5663 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2007-UP Toyota Tundra 9-5771 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2004-06 Toyota Tundra 9-5772 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2006-UP Toyota Tacoma 4WD 9-5881 $99.00
E-Z Lift 2006 Toyota Tacoma 2WD TRD 9-5882 $99.00
E-Z Lift 1996-05 Toyota Tacoma 4WD 9-5883 $99.00
E-Z Lift 1996-05 Toyota Tacoma 2WD TRD 9-5884 $99.00
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