Ford SuperDuty F250

State-of-the-Art Mono-tube shock technology provides the maximum combination in both comfort and control. Cooler operating temperatures, lighter weight and bigger bore size combine to outperform a conventional twin-tube shock.

The performance begins with 14mm super-finished, hardened, chrome-plated piston rods designed to endure the most punishing pavement or off-road endeavors.

A chamber full of HIGH PRESSURE NITROGEN GAS and FLOATING PISTON TECHNOLOGY results in the quickest responding shock absorber ever engineered. A big 46mm bore reacts faster to bumps and absorbs impact with extreme quickness. Achieve maximum control through APPLICATION-TUNED VALVING.

Experience greater performance with a state-of-the-art SEAMLESS TUBE DESIGN which keeps the shock's operating temperature cooler. This, in turn, gives you long-lasting performance.

The 2.0 Mono-Tube Shock is available in a rebuildable, revalvable version shown at the bottom that is custom built to customers specifications. The remote reservoir is optional.

To order Mono-Tube 2.0 Shock Series: Use application guide and add a "M2" prefix to any 9XXX Series P/N (Example, M2-9039)


To order Mono-Tube 2.0 Shock rebuildable: Use application guide and add a "M2R" prefix to any 9XXX Series P/N
(Example, M2R-9039)

$117.72 Without remote
$182.77 With remote

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