Ford SuperDuty F250

The HV1-Series Shocks has earned it's reputation as the worlds most versatile truck shock.

For years, this product has been used for testing and ride evaluation purposes only. Due to years of requests, these high end shocks are available to the public.

These fully rebuildable and serviceable shocks are hand built in-house using the finest high temperature compensating fluid. Extensive testing has been done to ensure optimum performance from each shock we build.

Performance levels have been achieved through ride testing and feedback from our distributors, ensuring you top quality ride and performance.

The HV1 Series Shock is available for all trucks; stock, lowered, lifted with or without reservoir.

To order, add HV1 Shock prefix to any series in the catalog. (Example: HV1-3095).

Without remote $118.11
With remote $182.77





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